Friday, May 13, 2011

That 70s Thing

My mom’s birthday is in May, just a few weeks after Mother’s Day. Talk about a gift double whammy. It’s always difficult to come up with gift ideas back to back, so a lot of times I come up lame. This year, my sister and I had the FABULOUS idea to convert our old home movies to DVD. For years, my mom has wondered if the movies were even salvageable...they’ve been in the attic and then the garage. Not exactly the best storing conditions.

We even got to do a little sneaky fun when I got my mom out of her house while my sister broke snuck in to get the reels. After many, many weeks of waiting, they’re finally here!! We used iMemories, which was great (albeit pricey). They digitize the movies and then you can see it on-line, shuffle things around, edit, etc. And let me tell you, they came out great! We’re SO excited. The only down side is that the movies are 90% of my brother (not a down side for him, I’m sure). Apparently they were bored with taking movies by the time we came along.

Check out the still shots I snagged of me and my siblings in all our 70s cuteness. The pictures are blurry because a) they’re from the 70s and b) they’re snagged from a movie).


Check out those pants!!!

Me, in all my cuteness.  J

The family that pumps iron together...

My mom isn’t going to know what hit her...we’re having a Memorial Day cookout just to unveil the video. It's a week after her birthday, to throw her off the trail.  50 million brownie points for us! 

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  1. What a great gift idea! Your mother is going to CRY!
    I might have to steal this idea for my parents :)