Friday, May 6, 2011

And So It Begins...

Yep, the constant obsessing about colors and light fixtures and decorations has started. It officially began two nights ago when I woke up at 4: 38 a.m. and thoughts of the downstairs bath consumed me for the better part of an hour, til I got up groggy and no better off for all the thinking. In my mind, I’ve already spent about $500 in the half bath alone (new vanity cabinet, means a new mirror, means a new light fixture...and on and on). Yeah. It ain’t gonna happen.

Since I’d better get out of the bathroom and on to bigger things, how about the kitchen? Here’s a sneak peak of what the kitchen looks like – this is taken from the dining room/study doorway.

I don’t love the cabinet color (or even the countertop), but I do love the wood floors.  The knobs are a hideous brass and they’re strangely placed in the middle of the cabinet. Why would you do that?? You’re guaranteed to bend down for the bottom cabinets and stretch for the top ones if you’re short (not a problem in our house). But still. How weird. I’m definitely going to buy some new pulls. Maybe rubbed bronze? There are too many online to even go through...that’s something you have to see in person to pick.

But what about the color?? Currently it’s a pale yellow. Nothing wrong with it, but you know I’m gonna change it. My current kitchen is beige. It had to stay that way because the family room wall connected to the kitchen wall and there’s no good way to stop one and start another. I’m THRILLED that each room has a stopping point so I can go crazy with color if I want. All my decorations are green, including a 5 x 8 rug. I don’t necessarily have to stick with that though (I might use the rug in my new study).  Here’s a kitchen from a house that was for sale month’s ago...I saved the pic because I LOVE this kitchen.

I don’t know what it is about it though.  The color? Would that be a good color? It’s a different kind of green than the stuff I have now, so I’d have to scrap some stuff (but potentially use elsewhere). Maybe it’s the island I love? I do have hopes of an island here...though as much as I cook, it’ll be purely decorative. Maybe it’s the built in stainless oven? Very cool. Speaking of appliances...notice everything is stainless but the fridge? Strange. I’m afraid we’re going to have a mish-mash of appliances too. The stove is white with a black door. The dishwasher is black. Microwave is white. What do we buy for a fridge??

So tell me what you If not, then what? Ho hum beige? Keep it yellow? A bold, girly color...something coral-like?? What color fridge? Help a color palette out!

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  1. There is something really soothing about the green and dark walnut finish. A friend of mine was telling me about this product - Easier than painting or staining apparently.