Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picture Perfect

So I’m moving into a house full of bare walls and the thought of finding pictures seems a little daunting. It used to be that there were lots of stores that had great pictures. But over the past few years it seems to me it becomes harder and harder to find something that’s not too modern. Of course, I have a lot of stuff from the current house that’ll transfer over, but there are going to be a lot of bare walls.

For some reason, I’ve been buying mirrors like crazy. I’ve found four at Goodwill in the past two weeks! (somebody stop me!!) What the heck am I going to do with all of them??  Maybe a mirror collage? Or is that weird? Maybe if they’re all painted the same color for some continuity...something fun. Not just black or white. Of course, I keep buying, not having a clue where they’re going.  Great planning.

I did score two great bathroom pictures at Hobby Lobby months ago, hoping and assuming I’d find a house to put them in. They were half off so I got a hot and cold for $9 total!

I love old fashioned knobs like this and even have shower curtain rings that are made like the fixture and say hot or cold. Earlier this week I went to Target and found frames for the pictures.  I’m going to paint a bathroom a soft gray just to show off these bad boys.  Not sure yet which bathroom though.

These are currently in the master bath, and I absolutely love them. 

They’re postcards I picked up during a trip to Charleston.

I love that they not only look good, but they remind me of all the great times I’ve had in Charleston.  And I like that not everything is from a big box store.

Where do you find art or create art?


  1. I love the idea of a mirror collage. I have seen them in different houses and they look really nice.

    Good find at Hobby Lobby! I am still afraid to go there!

  2. I can see a mirror collage - maybe in a hallway or above a couch?

    I also love the postcard idea....I will totally steal that.