Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Basket case

I was wandering through my favorite Goodwill last week (shocker), when I spotted this strange thing. 
Not quite sure what it is?? Me either. Which is why I'm going with "basket." But it's not really a basket, because it's flat. Normally I over think my Goodwill purchases, but this one I snapped up for some reason. Still not quite sure why, considering I've had a few GW failures lately (more on those in a future post). But it had a decent price.

But I've passed up better prices. Who knows. Anyway, I took it on home and tucked it in a corner of the garage, hoping someone wouldn't notice yet another project coming in...without any projects finishing up.  (Of course, that strategy didn't exactly work.) 

It was a bit light colored (and a bit 80s) for me so I was thinking spray paint, but I was afraid of how it would turn out. Then sometime the next day, it hit me that I should stain it. Huzzah!! I had some walnut stain on hand and it went pretty darn quickly. I actually started and finished a project in one day!

You probably can't tell a whole lot of difference, but it looks much better now. And here's a pic of it in action...

I'm not 100% convinced that I've taken the 80s out of it, but it'll do for now. I'd like a glass jar with a lid for the right side of the mantle, but I'm having a hard time finding one. (Have I missed my chance for that kind of thing??) I was thinking of putting different things in it to go with the seasons...seashells, cranberries, nuts, etc, etc.  Here's a closer shot..
What I really want for the mantle is an old window or some interesting architectural type piece. Do you think it's a keeper for now? Or send it back to the future Goodwill?

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  1. Looks good Kim, I can definitely see a difference. If you are looking for an apothecary jar, they always seem to have tons at Ross in Willow Lawn. I am sure if you check some of those store you will get lucky.