Thursday, July 28, 2011

The kindness of strangers...

One big thing we didn't like about our old house was our neighbor. We lived next door to an inconsiderate renter, who played his music at all hours of the night (which we could hear on the far side of the house...with all the windows closed). As well as a trashy, cluttered yard. And...well, that's enough about him. On to the kindness of strangers. The first week we moved in, I came home one day to find this beauty on my front porch.

Several of my new neighbors had left this plant, along with a nice card welcoming us to the neighborhood.  And they weren't even my next door neighbors. I still haven't had a chance to meet any of the gift givers. But as a person who normally likes to keep to herself, it made me want to go out and have a neighborhood bbq or something. What I especially love is that it perfectly matches my orange umbrella. Remember this??

I love this view when the umbrella is open and I'm sitting in the family room. It makes me happy. Now, if I could only get the darn plant to bloom again!!!

But I digress. Back to the hood...we did get a chance to meet the neighbor on one side of us one day in the yard. And then one day while I was on the phone with Comcast for the umpteen millionth time, a knock at our door brought this...

The neighbor on the other side brought this beautiful bouquet from her yard. After talking with both the neighbors, there seems to be a theme that I'm not too happy with..."good luck." That's good luck getting anything much to grow in the garden. Yes, even though these gorgeous blooms came from her yard, it seems it's going to be an uphill struggle.

I'm a bit discouraged...ok, a lot discouraged. But I have some ideas and with all the heat, I can't say I'm missing watering all the time. Oh well...I'll complain about the garden later (and often). For now, I'm just happy to be home, surrounded by the kindness of strangers.

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