Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Even though I'm not much of a cook, I still want my kitchen to look nice. While I'm not crazy about the color of the cabinets (can't do anything about that since I'm not stupid enough to try painting them), I can change the out of date brassy door pulls. I bought a few different ones from Lowe's and Home Depot, but nothing was a dramatic improvement. And they were all over $3 a piece. With 28 pulls, that's a LOT for a so-so improvement. So I figured I'd try painting the old ones. If they didn't look good, I'd just bite the bullet and buy new ones. I don't have a good close-up picture of the pulls on the cabinets "before," but here's what they looked like after a little sanding.
I decided to try hammered black spray paint to give them some texture and hopefully look metal-like and not spray painted. I had a bunch of styrofoam left over from a piece of furniture that we put together, so I used a bunch of toothpicks to prop them all up. I thought myself pretty clever with this solution (pictured after a coat of primer).
Of course...I didn't feel so clever after this happened.

Yes, this was supposed to be the "after" but this one piece of foam tipped over and messed up three of the pulls. I had to sand them down and start over. I'm not so patient with the sandpaper, so these are still a bit bumpy, but I hid them in the high spot over the fridge. I dare you to notice the difference.

One thing I didn't plan for was the added thickness a coat of primer and two coats of black spray paint would add. Why do I never think these kinds of things through?? Luckily, a little cramming and they all made it back in. Voila!!

Here's the final look...all for an $8 can of spray paint! Hurray for cheap!

As a side note...does this area need an island?? I just can't decide if it would cozy it up or if it'd always be in the way. What do you think?

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