Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rock and roll hoochie koo

There's been a project that I've wanted to do for years, but I never had the place to do it. Despite the fact that we had two boys rooms, their walls were always filled with their own stuff. How dare they. But now I have spare bedrooms and I could finally put together my rock and roll fantasy. Can you figure out what it is??

How about this??

Give up yet?? Greg has a collection of old classic rock (and some strange not so classic 80s stuff we shouldn't talk about), which used to sit in his parents' shed. When they finally got sick of it sitting around, he was going to toss them, but I made him keep them all...without much protest, mind you.

I wanted to to make an album cover collage and I LOVE it. What do you think??

Who doesn't love a little AC/DC?! I hung these above a bed in the spare room and maybe it was a happy accident, but I hung them a little too high. But that has inspired me to search the thrift stores for a cheap headboard that I can paint. Meanwhile, I'll just fake it with a sad little pillow. :)

Just this week I bought some patterned sheer curtains from Target for a steal. Can't wait to hang them up and get the room a little bit more complete. Still trolling for the headboard, but I'll find it. Meanwhile, I love me some classic rock!! 

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