Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do I stay or do I go now?

Househunting has gotten the best of me. I'm discouraged, dejected, deflated and thoroughly depressed. How do you know when it's "the one?"  I watch HGTV and they always seem to know right away that it's the perfect house. Heck, I didn't even know the house we currently live in was "the one" and it's been great.

We found one that seems to have a lot of what we want, but we're still paralyzed by indecision. It looks great on the outside - the traditional look I like, but the kitchen is pretty hideous. Is that a deal breaker??
 I think I just need someone to tell me what to do.  Anyone?? Bueller?

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  1. We had a "feeling" about our current house, but there are several that I also had "feelings" about. My husband and I are super analytical - we actually had a spreadsheet of all our criteria and weighted each criteria. Then we used that to rate and compare houses against each other.